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2022-23 Shuler Awards®

Note: In an effort to prioritize the safety of our participants and all involved in the 2023 Shulers, all information that follows is subject to change by ArtsBridge Foundation should any COVID-related issue arise that would make change necessary for any reason.

Frequently Asked Questions  (as of July 15, 2022)

Q: Are the 2023 Georgia High School Musical Theatre Awards® still taking place this year?

A: Yes. After the success of our entirely in-person season last year, the 2022-23 Georgia High School Musical Theatre Awards – Shuler Hensley Awards® will be taking place in-person on Thursday, April 20, 2023, at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre.

Q: Will the adjudication process be fully in-person this year?

A: Yes. The adjudication process will be fully in-person for the 2022-23 season.

Q: How can I learn more about this year’s program?

A: On Monday, August 1, 2022 at 5:00pm on Zoom, we will host a Pre-Registration Virtual Town Hall in order to provide information and answer questions about the 2022-23 Shulers season. Additional updates will appear on the ArtsBridge website and ArtsBridge social media platforms.

Q: When does the registration for the 2023 Shuler Awards open?

A: Registration will open promptly on Monday, August 29, 2022 at 5:00pm. Be at the ready! This is the only date and time that registration will be open. Slots fill up in as little as 15 minutes!

Q: What schools are eligible to participate in the Shulers program?

A: Any high school that legally produces a musical in the state of Georgia can participate.

Q: Where do I register for the 2023 Shuler Awards?

A: Participants will register online through our Acceptd platform.

Q: How many schools can register for the 2022-23 Shuler Awards?

A: We are able to accommodate no more than 50 participating schools in the Shulers program. These fifty schools are determined on a first come, first served basis based on completion of the registration form.

Q: I missed the deadline to be one of the 50 participating schools. Is there a waitlist?

A: Yes. If you complete your registration form on Acceptd but you are not one of the first fifty schools, you will receive a message prompting you to sign up for the waitlist.

Q: Is there a cost to register for the Shulers?

A: The registration cost is $200. This payment is due Wednesday, September 7 by 5:00pm. We are happy to announce that we were able to keep the registration costs the same as last year without any increases.

Q: What does this $200 registration fee cover?

A: The registration fee covers the cost to use the online administrative platform Acceptd.

Q: What forms of payment can a participating Shuler school use to pay the $200 registration fee?

A: Credit card or check. Credit card payments may be made online via Ticketmaster. Checks should be made out to “ArtsBridge Foundation” with “2023 Shuler registration fee” in the memo line.

Q: What is the Shuler Awards adjudication timeline?

A: The 2022-23 Shuler Awards adjudication season will begin on Thursday, October 13, 2022 and will conclude on Sunday, March 12, 2023. After successfully registering for the 2022-23 program, schools will be prompted to select a requested adjudication date on Acceptd.

Please note that we are only able to accommodate 16 schools for the month of March. As with the 50 participating schools, these 16 schools will be determined on a first come, first served basis based on the completion of the registration process. Schools with the flexibility to hold their shows in other months should consider doing so.

Q: What kinds of questions are on the registration application?

A: To claim one of the fifty slots for the 2022-23 Shuler Awards, the director must complete Section A of the Director’s Application. To view a sample of a completed application, click here

Q: If the show that my school would like to produce this year is not listed on the 2022 Jimmy’s Qualifying Roles and Shows list is there anything that I, as a director, can do?

A: Yes. Working together with Elizabeth Lenhart, the Director of Arts Education, you can fill out an official appeals form and request a new show submission to be added to the list. The Broadway League/Jimmy’s Appeals Review Committee meets once a quarter. If a school would like to submit an appeal, please contact us directly at elenhart@artsbridgega.org.

It is also HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you submit an appeal as soon as possible, to ensure a timely response, especially since the appeals board only meets once a quarter and it can take weeks/months to receive an official result.

Q: Can I, as a director, and my team set up a time to ask further questions with an ArtsBridge staff member about the 2022-23 Shuler Awards?

A: Yes, a director and their team may set up a 30 minute session with our Director of Arts Education, Elizabeth Lenhart, to discuss any additional questions about the Shulers process. You can request a session via email at elenhart@artsbridgega.org.

Q: Are there any other key dates that I should know about?

A: Yes.

The registration fee due date is Wednesday, September 7, 2022 by 5:00pm.

The Registered Director’s Virtual Town Hall is Thursday, September 8, 2022 at 5:00pm. Your fee will need to be paid in order to be considered fully registered and to attend the Registered Director’s Virtual Town Hall. Attendance in this town hall is mandatory for all participating schools.

Q: The director’s application now requires a Process to Performance video. What is that?

A: We introduced the Process to Performance video to the registration process for the 2020-21 all-virtual season. Our adjudicators evaluate each participating high school musical against itself, charging each school to create their best possible work in their unique circumstance and environment. Part of adjudicating a school against itself is providing as much contextual information for the adjudication team as possible. Process to Performance videos offer the adjudication team a unique opportunity to see a peek into you team’s process for creating your production.

A Process to Performance video should be made by a current high school student in your program (if possible) and should not exceed ten minutes in length. The content of the video should discuss why the director selected this particular show as well as the director’s vision in relationship to the overall production. It should also demonstrate the production’s process, including displaying the director’s work with the development of the cast as well as the work of the members of the creative team (such as music director, choreographer, technical director, designers, and orchestra conductor) as they coached students in their respective crafts. This footage can be done onstage, in a rehearsal room, over Zoom, but we do ask that the overall Process to Performance video should not be more than 50% rehearsal footage. We also ask that each video contain a portion in which the director, music director, choreographer, technical director, and orchestra director (if applicable) speak to how their individual coaching processes help to realize the vision of the overall production. Here is an example of a successful Process to Performance video.

Q: How do I know if my production is eligible for each category?

A: Each of the competitive awards categories has specific eligibility requirements. For a detailed breakdown of these eligibility requirements, click here.

Q: How do adjudicators evaluate each category?

A: The Georgia High School Musical Theatre Awards celebrate excellence in high school musical theatre. Our adjudication teams are required to utilize and familiarize themselves with both our official Criteria for Excellence as well as our Adjudication Rubric.

Q: If I have any additional questions, where can I ask follow-up questions?

A: You can send any additional questions to our program coordinator, Elliott Folds, at efolds@artsbridgega.org.

And finally, love what we’re doing? Learn more about how to support ArtsBridge Foundation and the Georgia High School Musical Theatre Awards – Shuler Hensley Awards® at ArtsBridgeGA.org/get-involved/.

Q: What are the Shuler Hensley Awards/Shuler Awards®? 

A: Presented as the Shuler Hensley Awards®, the education program is named for the Atlanta-born star of the stage and screen who typically emcees an annual ceremony in the tradition of the Tony Awards®.  Nominees and winners are recognized as the best of the state’s high school musical theatre students and schools of the academic year, with two winners—best actress and actor—typically progressing to represent Georgia nationally in New York in June.  

Q: What are the competition categories?

A: Fashioned after Broadway’s Tony Awards®, this year’s Shuler Award® high schools and their students will compete in various categories. The main objectives of the program are to increase awareness, advocacy and support for Georgia’s arts education programs, to develop and foster growing talent by providing learning and performance opportunities, and cultivating/nurturing productive relationships among Georgia’s promising thespians and educators. The Shuler Awards categories include direction, music direction, orchestra, choreography, overall production, scenic design, costumes, lighting, sound, and performance.

Q: Who are the sponsors?

A: Sponsors of the Shuler Awards® have included Amazon, the Atlanta Braves Foundation, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Delta Community Credit Union, Deloitte, John & Mary Franklin Foundation, Georgia Lottery, Jimmy and Helen Carlos, and Tyler Perry Studios. A full list of sponsors is available online at ArtsBridgeGA.org/our-supporters/partnerships. We are thankful for the generosity of our financial supporters who recognize the importance and educational value of the Shuler Awards® program. Additional corporate donations or private contributions to the Shuler Awards® are appreciated and may be submitted online at ArtsBridgeGA.org/get-involved/donate.

Q: What is ArtsBridge Foundation?

A: ArtsBridge Foundation is dedicated to providing quality arts education and community programs that engage, motivate, inspire, and elevate the next generation of artists and arts supporters. ArtsBridge provides arts education opportunities to K-12 students through programs at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre, including field trips, professional development, family programs, and the annual Shuler Awards®. Since 2007, ArtsBridge has served more than 412,000 students and educators from 68 Georgia counties, plus students from five bordering states. ArtsBridge Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. ArtsBridge Foundation and GPB-TV’s live broadcast of The Shulers® won the Southeast Emmy® Award in 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021, indicative of the superb quality and high production value Georgia students bring at showtime. To learn more visit ArtsBridgeGA.org

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