2021-2022 Shuler Awards® Competition Updates

This year's Shuler Awards® program will take place live at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre on Thursday, April 21, 2022.

Pre-Registration Information

The official registration for the 2021-22 Shuler Awards® program will open on Monday, August 30th at 5:00pm. Registration will take place via Acceptd.

It will automatically close after the first 50 submissions or Thursday, September 9th at 5:00pm. If you have any questions, please send them to education@artsbridgega.org.

You can view the full Participating School Guide here.

The deadline for Shuler Scholarship application is Friday, January 10th at 11:59pm.

The scholarship application can be found here.


The Adjudication Process

Adjudicators evaluate how each participating high school musical meets or exceeds its potential, utilizing its available resources. Each musical is evaluated and scored against itself for consideration, rather than against all other school productions, charging schools to create the best possible work in their unique circumstance and environment. The Shuler Hensley Awards® Category Criteria for Excellence provides suggestions and helpful ideas for what Shuler Hensley Awards® adjudicators may consider excellent, which would be an eight (8) on the Shuler rating scale.

Each school receives comments and scores on their production after the Awards Ceremony in May. Feedback is intended to serve as an educational tool for directors and students, not strictly a review or critique. It is up to the discretion of the director to share these reports with their students, creative staff or administration but often all of those involved in the production will view the adjudicator feedback.


Only High School Students (grades 9-12) registered at a participating high school and Faculty Members employed by the participating high school or middle/elementary school that feeds to the participating high school (full or part-time) are eligible for individual categories.

Only award Eligible high school students are considered for the five acting award categories.

Guest artists, parents, volunteers, K-8 students, homeschool students or anyone other than award eligible students and faculty, do not qualify for individual category awards. However, those who are not award eligible will be evaluated and scored, and considered for the Overall Production category.

The Georgia High School Musical Theatre Awards encourage participating schools to use readily available school resources, faculty and students. The use of a person (e.g. professional / guest artist) other than a full-time, high school faculty member and/or registered student in grades 9-12, will disqualify the school from that category.

In an effort to support as many schools as possible, a single-sex school may partner with another single-sex school in order to fill performance roles (this applies for high school students grades 9-12 only). Those aforementioned performance roles can be eligible for both individual and group award nominations if their scores dictate such action. However, only the school officially signed up for the GHSMTA will be credited for the award and credited if said student is selected to attend the Jimmy Awards in New York City. In order to qualify if this exception, a school must petition the Artsbridge Foundation (contact the Director of Arts Education, Angela Farr Schiller) at least one month before the  GHSMTA registration begins for any given year.

Please view the Award Category Eligibility to learn more about eligibility.

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