To get general information on our program, answers to your questions, and a step-by-step walk through of the registration process, join us on Thursday, July 25, 2025 at 6:00PM. Click the link below to join the zoom call.

Steps to Register as a Participating School

For consideration as a participant, the following steps are required:

Step 1: Ensure that you are already registered with a username and password on Acceptd prior to the opening day of the application.

Step 2: To access the application: (Complete all steps A–F prior to the 7:00PM opening day and time of the application)

a) Sign in to Acceptd, from the home page.
b) Click on Directory in the top menu bar.
c) Type “ArtsBridge Foundation” in the search bar at the top center of the page.
d) Click on the GHSMTA logo
e) Click on “Start an Application” from the left hand side of the ArtsBridge home page.
f) Carefully read the information and instructions above the application link.
g) The application opens promptly at 7:00PM on TUESDAY, AUGUST 6, 2024, and automatically closes when all available slots have been filled.

Step 3: Once the application is open, all interested schools must click the application link, complete PART 1 of Section A, and submit PART 1 of Section A.

NOTE: PART 1 of Section A is a newly reduced application that includes only basic information that all directors have immediate and easy access to for proper completion of the form.

NOTE: Each submission is timestamped, and the system is programmed to automatically accept a predetermined quantity of submissions who will receive an immediate confirmation message. Those submissions who submit their form after the quota has been fulfilled will be given the option of being placed on the waitlist. Waitlisted schools are determined by the order based on the original timestamped submission.

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