“Cobb Energy Centre, and specifically the ArtsBridge program is a wonderful asset to the Atlanta area educational field. They bring relevant, meaningful programs for students of all ages and interests, and make the process of attending a trip SO easy! I am a customer for life.” – Jackie Smiley, Choral Director, South Cobb High School


“On behalf of our team at the Marietta Sixth Grade Academy, we would like to send a heartfelt thank you to the ArtsBridge Program for sponsoring our visit to the Peking Acrobats performance! The students loved the experience and they were amazed by the wonderful stunts, spectacular lights, and energetic acrobats! We enjoyed the sound of the wonderful music and the powerful drumming. The students were engaged from the first drumbeat until the final bow.” -Marietta 6th Grade Academy Teacher


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“The students of Towers High School really enjoyed the energy, professionalism, variety, and talent of the Fine Arts Department of Kennesaw State University. We were thoroughly impressed from the moment that we pulled to the beautiful venue, The Cobb Energy Performance Centre, and were greeted by the well-dressed attendants and ushers. The performances were superb. My students raved about how creative and entertaining the performance pieces were. The parking attendants even extended additional help to our group in coordinating our departure as we worked with our food delivery. Thank you so much for this amazing experience.” - Tramaine Quarterman, Chorus Teacher, Towers High School


“We love the ArtsBridge programs and are grateful that you make field trips option available for homeschoolers.” – Amy Gerborg, Homeschool Parent, Legacy Community Academy

“I was so excited to be able to provide this opportunity to my students. I work at a very small charter school in a rural and impoverished area of western NC. This was truly a once in a lifetime experience for some of my students. My students, even the ones who were a bit dubious about attending the opera, thoroughly enjoyed this production. Hopefully, we have created a few new opera lovers. Thank you so much for providing this amazing - and incredibly affordable - opportunity for my students.” – Sarah Rave, Teacher, Mountain Discovery Charter School


“What a great adventure for our students. The staff at Cobb Energy was so helpful from beginning to end. We will surely go again!”-Carla Dawson, Bookeeper, Hendricks Elementary


“This is the only chance my group has to see a live performance of The Atlanta Opera due to staggering ticket prices. We are so grateful to Artsbridge for allowing us to attend some of the wonderful performances. Have been attending for a number of years and look forward to many more great shows!” – Marianna Fuller, Activity Director, The Jewish Tower


 “ArtsBridge field trips at the Cobb Energy Center are fun and well run, with efficient support, friendly ushers, easy parking, and clean bathrooms and facilities. My students and adult chaperones have a wonderful time enjoying the arts in pleasant surroundings and at low cost. We go to field trips here about 2-3 times each school year.”-Sigrid Economou, Homeschool Parent


“When the students returned to the school they were still excited about their field trip to the Cobb Energy Centre. They were able to make the connection with what they are learning in school and what was presented in the School House Rock production. Our students not only received reinforcement with academic skills; but, also had an opportunity to experience the arts.  Many of our students do not receive such opportunities to be exposed to positive experiences beyond their neighborhood unless they attend one of our school field trips. Such partnerships between the schools, the businesses, and the arts are an awesome combination that is beneficial to all students.”

-Cheryl Twyman, Principal, Fickett Elementary


“At KIPP STRIVE Primary School, we value the arts. We could not have exposed our scholars to live theatre and enriching on-stage educational programs without the generous support of the ArtsBridge Foundation. Each performance has been magical, inspiring our scholars to become both future artists and audience members!” -Tawni Johnson, School Operations Manager, KIPP Strive Primary School

“On behalf of Clayton County Public Schools, I would like to say “thank you” to you and your organization. We appreciate everything ArtsBridge is doing to afford students the opportunity to experience performances that they would most likely never experience. We really enjoyed ourselves. I look forward to working with you in the future.”-Monika Wiley, Director of Fine Arts

“At Clarkdale Elementary School, we are committed to tapping into every child’s creative arts imagination in an effort to engage all students in authentic learning!  The Artsbridge Foundation is truly committed to creating the future through arts education and has graciously partnered with us to make the arts affordable for all of our students through discounted tickets and financial assistance for transportation expenses.  Without Artsbridge’s generous support, our students would not be able to experience the arts at such an extraordinary magnitude.  Thank you Artsbridge…..we are grateful for all that you do!”-Dr. Liss Maynard, Principal, Clarkdale Elementary


“We have been to several field trips at Cobb Energy Centre and have always enjoyed the programs. The staff is always courteous and helpful.” -Angie Roberts, SNP Para, Varner Elementary


“I love the connection of the performing arts to the common core. The show was engaging and very interactive for the young audience. It was a great exposure for our kids and students to see the beauty of Drama!” -Keisha McDuffie, Visual & Performing Arts Coordinator


“The students enjoyed the play, and they also learned about theater behavior and conduct. Many had never been to a theater like this before. They got the friendship message. This was a great experience in all. They have already asked if they can go to another performance.” -Ann Weber, Teacher, Smith Barnes Elementary



"The show was exhilarating. I loved how they danced led the crowd into singing. I loved the participation! All of my students were on their feet dancing and interacting with the performers. The show really exposed many students to a type of performance they had never seen before. With the help of the Educator Guide we were able to teach them all about tap before we came so they were familiar during the show. The performance related to them and they were all talking after how they wanted to be in the show! Thank you ArtsBridge for being a partner with our Kippsters.” 

-Christa Colemna, Kipp Vision Primary

Field Trip Performance - Audience

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