Mayhem Poets

Monday, October 2, 2017
10:15 AM
12:00 PM
Grades 6-12
$10.00 per person

“Let’s go see a poetry show.” That is a sentence rarely proclaimed and usually responded to with cringes and excuses. The Mayhem Poets are on a mission to change that. Having been dubbed “an amazing ride” by the New York Times, this mind-boggling performance has been described as “The Simpsons meets Malcolm X at a Notorious B.I.G. concert”. These theatre-trained, comedically-gifted, lyrical virtuosos seamlessly blend raw elements of hip hop, theatre, improv and stand-up comedy to tell gut wrenching truths that leave audiences forever changed. Since then they’ve been touring internationally and spreading their mission to reshape society’s view of poetry.

Payment: Please note that a 50% deposit is due to ArtsBridge Foundation 30 days after registration with the balance due four weeks before show date.

Curriculum Connections: ELACC6RL2-10, ELACC7RL2-10, ELACC8RL2-10, L9-10RH2-10, L11-12RH2-10, ELAGSE9-10RL2-10, ELAGSE9-10SL3, ELAGSE9-10SL4, ELAGSE11-12RL2-10, ELAGSE11-12SL3, ELAGSE11-12SL4, M6GM.6-.8, M7GM.6-.8, M8GM.6-.8, M9GM.6-.8, M10GM.6-.8, M11GM.6-.8, M12GM.6-.8, TA6-12.PR.1, TA6-12.PR.2, TA6-12.RE.1, TA6-12.RE.2, TA6-12.CN1, TAHSA.RE1, TAHSA.RE2, TAHSA.CN1, TAHSAD.RE.1, TAHSAD.RE.2, TAHSAD.CN.1, TAHSFT.RE.1, TAHSFT.RE.2, TAHSFT.CN.1, TAHSMT.PR.1, TAHSMT.RE.1, TAHSMT.RE.2, TAHSMT.CN.1, TAHSTT.RE.1, TAHSTM.RE.1, TAHSTM.CN.1, D6-12FD.2, DK-12FD.3, D6-12CR.2, D6-12CO.4

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