Synergy presented by Kennesaw State University’s College of the Arts

Wednesday, March 21, 2018
11:00 AM
Grades 6-12
Free Admission

Experience a truly comprehensive artistic fusion of dance, music, theatre, and art. Synergy will feature the KSU Dance Company, Orchestra, Choir, Musical Theatre Ensemble and Visual Arts collaborating to give school students a unique arts experience. Packed with energy, creativity and virtuosity, this is a FREE event that will provide a cross-disciplinary understanding of the arts.

Curriculum Connections: MKGM.6-8, M1GM.6-8, M2GM.6-8, M3GM.6-8 , M4GM.6-.8, M5GM.6-.8, M6GM.6-.8, M7GM.6-.8, M8GM.6-.8, M9GM.6-.8, M10GM.6-.8, M11GM.6-.8, M12GM.6-.8, TA6-12.PR.1, TA6-12.PR.2, TA6-12.RE.1, TA6-12.RE.2, TA6-12.CN1, TAHSA.RE1, TAHSA.RE2, TAHSA.CN1, TAHSAD.RE.1, TAHSAD.RE.2, TAHSAD.CN.1, TAHSFT.RE.1, TAHSFT.RE.2, TAHSFT.CN.1, TAHSMT.PR.1, TAHSMT.RE.1, TAHSMT.RE.2, TAHSMT.CN.1, TAHSTT.RE.1, TAHSTM.RE.1, TAHSTM.CN.1, D6-12FD.2, D6-12FD.3, D6-12CR.2, D6-12CO.4

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