2019 Director’s Bootcamp

Tuesday, June 11, 2019 - Thursday, June 13, 2019
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Ages 18+

Propel Your Program – Prepare Your Students For Performance With Purpose

Focus on using the resources directors have to maximize their production. These include time, equipment, volunteers, costumes, props, technology, and more.

Audition Advisor Application

The STAR app is the first fully automated web based program that helps you manage all of the moving parts of the college audition.  With personal timeline calendars, automated reminders, and a database with over 325 performing arts college programs, the STAR app has made this chaotic journey easier.  Since July our business has morphed and grown into a tripartite that can benefit not only the individual student, but the educator and college audition coach as well.

For educators, the STAR app serves as a resource tool allowing the counselor and teacher easy access to information regarding auditions at over 325 schools.  In addition the STAR app holds tips and guidelines on the audition process from industry professionals. These tips can be shared with students and parents alike!

Coaching For College

Does the college audition process seem daunting to you as an educator? Do you have many students who would like your guidance on applications, school selections, audition advice, and more? Tim Evanicki, Juilliard grad and author of “The College Audition” will walk you through the basics of preparing your students for success!

Artful Auditions

There is a lot more that goes into an audition than the song a student sings. Make the most out of your program’s auditions and help students make the most of their time in the audition room with Artful Auditions. This class includes tips on headshots, resumes, attire, repertoire selection, sheet music preparation, piano collaboration, and more.

Connected Choreography

Kenneth Green will give directors the insight they need to connect each movement to the overall theme, genre, time period, and style of the show. Learn to make connections with choreography to further enhance your production, no matter your students’ skill levels.

Successful Show Selection

Showcase your unique cast with successful show selection! Leigh Ann Cannady will share tips and tricks for highlighting your cast’s strengths as well as maximizing your program’s resources through strategic show selection.

Buy, Borrow, or Build

Costuming large scale musical productions is no small task… or cost.  This workshop focuses on a variety of resources for acquiring the looks you need to bring your characters to life.  From the early planning stages to the last accessory and even beyond to stage makeup, we will explore creative solutions to solve the most expensive costume problems.  Participants will leave with fresh ideas for a smoother and less stressful costuming process.

Audio Advice

This class will focus on the design, equipment, and execution of professional quality sound design and audio reproduction within the boundaries of the educational space. We will explore the concepts that create good sound, as well as the practicality of achieving those goals under time and budget constraints. This class will address every step of executing a well-balanced show, from artistic decisions to the final mix.

Timely Technical Transitions

Learn tricks of the trade for creating seamless transitions on stage. Utilize all of your resources by training students, parents, and other volunteers in stage/technical management and execution to ensure flawless scene changes and technical elements.

Student Showcase

This year’s Musical Theatre Intensive focused on audition skills! Observe the 2019 Musical Theatre Intensive cast in their culminating performance showcasing the skills they’ve learned over the past three days.

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