All K-12 Fine Arts Educators and Community Directors are invited to attend ArtsBridge’s DIRECTOR’S BOOTCAMP June 26 - 28 at Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre to learn new tips and tricks for musical theatre productions! 

This three-day workshop taught by industry professionals will give directors of all experience levels a baseline knowledge as well as creative tips for producing a successful musical theatre show with limited resources.

Cost: $75.00. Lunch and Parking for 3 days is included.

2018 Theme: Maximize Your Musical

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Meet The Instructors


Choreography For All (taught by Kenneth Green)

Kenneth Green will give directors the insight they need to choreograph, stage, cast & coach all levels of dancers to enhance their performances! Learn how to make each and every one of your cast members look their best while creating a uniform look through movement. You’ll also receive tips & tricks for maximizing your teaching time with students of various skill levels.


Maximize Your Musical Product (taught by Leigh Ann Cannady)

Learn to maximize your time, funds, and resources with this informative class! Leigh Ann Cannady shares her greatest tips and techniques for teaching music in a limited amount of time, improving the musical quality despite various skill levels, and using technology to upgrade the overall music experience.


That Show was LIT! (taught by David Tatu)

Literally – and yours can be too! In this class, David Tatu shares his expertise for lighting design on a budget. You will learn to expertly light your shows using the resources you have. You will also so learn to utilize student attendance as a resource.


A Sound Approach: Theatrical Sound Design in an Educational Setting (taught by Jon Summers)

This class will focus on the design, equipment and execution of professional quality sound design and audio reproduction within the boundaries of the educational space. We will explore the concepts that create good sound, as well as the practicality of achieving those goals under time and budget constraints. This class will address every step of executing a well-balanced show, from artistic decisions to the final mix.


Set the Stage & Save (taught by Lee Shiver-Cerone)

This course will focus on maximizing resources (time, funds, levels of experience, and technology) to improve a show’s set possibilities. You’ll learn how to build a set within a limited time frame, how to utilize the budget and resources you have and wow your audience, how to choose a show based on set needs, and how to work around small or difficult stage spaces.


Beg Borrow, Buy, or Build (taught by Marie Quintero)

Costuming large scale musical productions is no small task…or cost. This workshop focuses on a variety of resources for acquiring the looks you need to bring your characters to life. From the early planning stages to the last accessory and even beyond to stage makeup, we will explore creative solutions to solve the most expensive costume problems. Participants will leave with fresh ideas for a smoother and less stressful costuming process.

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