The Georgia Lottery gave Georgia high schools the opportunity to win additional money for their theatre department by performing the “HOPE” Jingle and submitting their own, original version of the song! Groups of two or more people were invited to put their talents to the test, creating videos of themselves performing the jingle in their own creative, unique way. Ten semi-finalist groups were posted online for Georgia to help choose five winning favorites.

Pictured below are the winning schools accepting their checks!

2018 Hope Jingle Contest Winners

2018 HOPE Jingle Winners


All accredited Georgia High School Musical Thatre or Dramatic Arts Programs - only one entry per school will be permitted - theatre departments are encouraged to utilize individuals and resources from their school community


Put your talents to the test by creating a video of your school performing the jingle in your own creative, unique way - 10 semi-finalists will be posted online for Georgia to help choose 5 winning favorites - winners will be awarded cash prizes!


All videos must be submitted by September 7, 2018 to the ArtsBridge Foundation - they will then be adjudicated by a panel and posted online to social media for public vote - winners will be announced via  this web page and ArtsBridge Social Media accounts by the end of October 2018


The entire state of Georgia in your own theatre, school, and community


  1. Download HOPE Jingle Lyrics, Sheet Music, Demo, and required GA Lottery Peach Logo
  2. Create YOUR unique version of the Jingle using the same lyrics, melody, and chord structure. Consider various musical genres, instrumentation, theming & more
  3. You MUST creatively include the GA Lottery Peach Logo in your video - we look forward to seeing your unique ideas!
  4. Record your unique creation, upload it to Youtube, & submit your video link & school information application to education@cobbenergycentre.com
    by September 7, 2018
  5. If your video is chosen as a semi-finalist, share your video and the voting poll on social media to collect as many votes as possible to be counted as part of your score.
  6. Watch for the winners on social media and this website announced by the end of October 2018!

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